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Good articles at

May 21, 2010


Today, has two articles that I enjoyed reading; check them out; 1. Mxit is Imported into Kenya Mxit is a massive mobile social network that was started in South Africa a couple years ago. Today, Safaricom announced a partnership with them, using their marketing muscle (7 pages of ads in today’s newspaper) to import […]

Water by Cellphone Project

April 27, 2010


This sound like an amazing project. First it was MPESA (Money transfer by Cellphone) and now this. What should we call this one; Mmaji, “Mobile Water”? Technically it is still Mpesa. Seriously though, it sounds like it could benefit a lot of people. So now just the funding and expansion into more areas. Kshs3M, the […]

Bono Waxes Lyrical about Africa

April 18, 2010


Some excerpts from Bono’s article about his tour of Africa written for the New York Times John Githongo, Kenya’s famous whistleblower, has had to leave his country in a hurry a couple of times; he was hired by his government to clean things up and then did his job too well. He’s now started a […]

The Team

February 1, 2010


Watch a documentary by the PBS FRONTLINE about “The Team”, a Kenyan TV Show that uses football (soccer) to address the problem of tribalism and tribal conflict in the country. The video is at the sidebar of the blog under vodpod videos

Livestock Insurance Scheme in North Kenya

January 25, 2010


I think this is a very important initiative and if made to work for the pastoralists, I believe it will go along way to help a lot of them. In brief, “The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) says satellite imagery will be used to monitor the landscape – if the images show a lack of […]

How about we make Mandarin the official language of Kenya?

January 24, 2010


Click here to read the article from Daily Nation If these guys are comfortable in the Isiolo heat, they are fine by me….

William Kamkwamba and the "notes from the underground"

January 8, 2010


Ever heard of William Kamkwamba? It is a name that you need to be familiar with if you  want to know how people can create success where there seems to be none. Like many people, I first heard about Kamkwamba when he appeared in the Daily Show back in October of 09. If you have never heard about him, William is a Malawian […]