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The Scramble for the River Nile

May 20, 2010


Inside Story – Sharing the Nile [Al Jazeera Africa] Kenya Signs the “New Treaty” Egypt and Sudan oppose Nile deal Egypt insisted it can block dams and other projects upstream on the Nile, challenging a new deal among African nations seeking to alter historic water sharing arrangements and secure more water for farms and growth. […]

Closure to the DStv/Mandera Saga

April 27, 2010


These guys make me laugh. People certainly change their minds more than children change diapers. For the background of this story, check out Cleric bans DStv in Mandera. I am glad that some sense has prevailed and I guess we come to learn that you just can’t take people for a joy ride at this […]

Stupid Cleric fails to see reason

April 27, 2010


A Swahili saying goes, “Duniani kuna watu na viatu.” Which translates literally to “There are people and shoes in the world” in English. Actually am not sure if that saying actually exists or I just made it up. So, apparently some cleric in Mandera has decided to ban DStv viewing in public places. What?! I […]

Ruto on the “NO” Campaign

April 24, 2010


Today’s post is about the “No” Campaign of the proposed Kenya Consititution. I have resisted publishing “politics” in the past but I think this is too important. I salute NTV for coming up with this show. It gives us a chance to evaluate what our leaders have to say about the proposed draft constitution. The […]

Training the future Kenyan Cyclists

April 19, 2010


This is amazing! I wish them well and success. I share the opinion of the Youtube comments section of this video that the kids could do with some helmets for their safety.

The National Anthem we never had

February 12, 2010


Artist: Eric Wainaina Song: Daima Kenya (Kenya Only) Album: Sawa Sawa Lyrics

Nairobi Underworld: The Rise of the Conmen

February 3, 2010


Nation TV investigates the world of conmen posed as witch doctors in the Nairobi underground. It is interesting that most of these guys either usually come from the Kenyan Coast or from Tanzania even though Ukambani is the most feared ‘witchcraft capital’ of Kenya. From watching this videos I thought that 1) These guys are […]