Young Kenyan Entrepreneur

Posted on May 1, 2010


That quote about being perceived young and therefore incapable of coming up with such an innovation reflects a terrible mentality. As an aspiring young entrepreneur, I find that attitude quite vile and abominable.  I wonder what would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg was a graduate of say “Nairobi University” and having tested his experimental social networking platform decided to approach those particular investors that Elijah went to, for funding. For emphasis, let us assume that those investors were the only ones that could have helped him out. The world would still be a lonely place that it was prior to Facebook. Let’s see, how old were “The Google Guys” in 1998? What about Bill in 1975? These guys think a young Kenyan like Elijah can’t do it because of his age? I say, they are idiots and they are probably still living in the 1960s.
There are several things working out for Elijah; The opportunity is huge! Think of all the households in Kenya that need some sort of a security system. He is also solving a real problem that he can easily build meaning around. I have no idea what the market looks like. Good luck to him and I hope he sees this through, it could become big.
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