Ruto on the “NO” Campaign

Posted on April 24, 2010


Today’s post is about the “No” Campaign of the proposed Kenya Consititution. I have resisted publishing “politics” in the past but I think this is too important. I salute NTV for coming up with this show. It gives us a chance to evaluate what our leaders have to say about the proposed draft constitution. The times when people voted without critical analysis of views should be burnished to pre 2007.

Part I
I have watched and listened keenly to what Ruto has had to say about the proposed draft of the Kenyan Constitution;
What stands out:
1. Ruto makes his position clear – he wants the clauses with problems amended by parliament/experts before a referendum. His justification is that we have  got time to do this and the fact that we are so desperate for a new constitution should not be a reason to rush a “bad” draft to the referendum; he says that it will be difficult to amend the said clauses after they have been approved by the public; (I think a lot of people have a problem with this view because they dont trust the parliament/experts to make the necessary amendments any time soon)
2. I like his defense of the “Equity” clause with clear details and examples – I now want to hear someone else critique his view
3. Why do so many seem to have a problem with Ruto or his stand? I am not yet sure what stand I should take about his opinions- so far he makes his claims clearly with good details and arguments, I would like to hear someone else come out to this Show and tell us the opposite, then we can make up our minds about Ruto; I especially want to hear what Raila and Kibaki have to say about his: so far they have just been making unsupported public utterances without any justifications. I think there is too much muddle on “Ruto” as an individual and his claims about the constitution which needs to be separated. My feeling is that a lot of people are quick to judge his claims based on his personality and his past. It is important to analyze what he has to say before dismissing them

Part II

I have not watched this second part but I will post it anyway;

My friend Kamirithu has this to say about Ruto’s position: Politics is a delicate balancing act

I have a copy of the Draft constitution right here on the blog – Scroll down the sidebar to the “Box” and download it