Posted on February 15, 2010


This article was written by Margaret Mumbi as a Facebook Note and was published on this platform with her permission; Please let her know what you think of it on the comments section;


I am feeling extremely overwhelmed by a conversation on the earthquake in Haiti.The crisis in Haiti has been called part natural part unnatural. And some people have written fiery articles on the subject matter pointing to all sort of reasons. Some have mentioned Haiti’s suffering on the government of Haiti’s failure to build infrastructure, others on the Haiti’s early freedom from its colonial masters…..and more quiet sentiments over maybe the fact that Haiti is a black state and according to Watson crick, black people are supposedly genetically not as intelligent hence all their problems. Watson also has mentioned the latter as a reason why the African continent will never be able to overcome its problems.

Clearly, some thoughts prevalent in our world today on the reason why developing countries face the problems they do are highly misinformed.They lack a historical background that cannot be ignored, if we are not to sound arrogant when pointing out the reasons for under development.For instance nobody mentions the 54 years Haiti spent paying reparations to France, its former colony,in order to gain recognition in that times Global market.This stemmed the huge debt that has continued to haunt the Haitian economy to date.

Also, there is a huge misinformation that goes with statistics we hear about Haiti. For instance, that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western world and or the country with the highest HIV infection.It may come as a shock to many to learn that Haiti is not the poorest country in the Western World but Nicaragua and that Washington D.C has the highest rate of HIV infection in the Western hemisphere, not Haiti.

I am writing this note not in defense to countries of people of African descent or Africans themselves, but to flush out a frustration over developed countries attempt to diagnose and aid the problems of the developing world. While I do recognise the impact the goodwill from the citizens of these countries have on the citizens of the ‘other’ countries, I would like to categorize their well-intentioned help as bandage aid.
Again, real solutions to the problems and sad situations facing people of African descent can only be sustainably addressed by overhauling the institutions that propagate economic progress in their own countries at the demise of those countries that became categorized as the third-world.

Also, I would like to blow a loud horn to wake up the sleeping leaders of African government institutions to stop their selfish and blinded ruin of their own people.My message is that we are tired of self-colonisation and self-distraction! We are just tired of watching the political gimmicks you play with each other, we are not interested in your games….time is up, please find another playing fields. We are tired of being victims of the history that has borne the injustices that we have become so conditioned to!!!!

We are tired of this messing around!!!We are poor but not without our dignity or the ability to fight for our rights! Its time we CHANGE the course of our history, economy and sociopolitical responsibility!I would hate for future generations of our people to live under this victimized state!!
Who is with me on this!

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