Nairobi Underworld: The Rise of the Conmen

Posted on February 3, 2010


Nation TV investigates the world of conmen posed as witch doctors in the Nairobi underground. It is interesting that most of these guys either usually come from the Kenyan Coast or from Tanzania even though Ukambani is the most feared ‘witchcraft capital’ of Kenya. From watching this videos I thought that 1) These guys are very good at what they do: shown by their creativity in placing people under beds, and relaying their voices through a funnel and pipes which distorts sound and makes it seem supernatural; Use of laptops – computers and technology are still strange to many people in Kenya and I belief Africa in general; use of smoke to create a surreal environment in the “doctor’s” room. It almost has the ‘wow’ effect of incense weaving through a church; tempting their victims with huge sums of money in order for them to give up more of their cash etc 2) Their victims are ignorant, naïve and misinformed: The fact that the fraudsters keep telling them to produce more money should be a warning sign that there is something suspicious about the trade; if a witch doctor has the ability to make people’s resources multiply tenfold, shouldn’t they be the richest people around? Whether there are real and fake witch doctors is a question hard to answer given all the cultural believes about the phenomenon out there. I like to belief that witch craft doesn’t exist but I also know that there are people who totally belief that it does. I thought NTV did a good job in investigating and exposing these cheats who are taking advantage of people’s fears, emotions and believes.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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