Who is ignorant, The King of Pop or me?

Posted on January 24, 2010


First, I am a big fan of MJ and his music. Well, at least the most popular songs like Thriller, The way you make me feel, Smooth Criminal, etc. I am currently listening to Liberian girl and I noticed something weird….Why is MJ or the “Liberian girl” singing in Kiswahili? Seriously….he goes like “Nakupenda pia, nakutaka pia, penda weeee” which translates to I love you too, I want you too, love youuuu. I know for a fact that the official language of Liberia is English and then there are other at least 20 languages, none of which is Kiswahili (says google.com). So, did MJ just like the sound of “I love you” in Kiswahili or was he ignorant about the languages of Liberia? Maybe I am the ignorant one…..

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