Oh my, so much waste!

Posted on January 3, 2010


Jeez! look at all this water going to waste! two months ago, everyone was crying out for rainfall. People and animals were dying because of lack of water to drink and feed their farms, gardens and pasture for livestock. Now, when we finally have some heavy rainfall and enough water to sustain the whole of Kenya for years, we simply watch it go to waste! The Kenya meteorology department (lame duck) even predicted that we would experience elnino rains, even though they werent sure of when specifically. What measures were put in place to either conserve this water for use in the next inevitable bout of drought? How many families bought a water tank to collect the rain water from their mabati roofs (am sure a few did)? All am saying is that, we are not helping our situation. We could do so much more to improve our lives through small things like thinking about what would happen when the rain season starts, and subsequently getting prepared for it. A lot of money and lives could be saved in the future if our lame government spared some time and resources now to construct dams and educate people on how to conserve water.

P.S: It is not all gloom in Maralal as someone had the foresight to realize the importance of constructing this dam

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