A Tale of a Kenyan Politician

Posted on January 2, 2010


I was shocked the first time I heard this talk by the honorable former Bureti MP and former Kenyan Minister of Health. To explain my dismay, here are the facts;

1. The gentleman is a former Member of Kenyan Parliament (Bureti)

2. He was a Minister in charge of the Kenyan Health Ministry

What he says;

1. “Does rain comes from trees or does it come from above?” (His listeners reply with a lot of conviction that it comes from the heavens)

2.”Even if you have been educated, even if you have ten degrees, or even 20, rain still comes from…?” (“from God above” replies the listeners.)

3. “I am not a young person age wise, all these years since I was born, I have witnessed rain coming from above!”

4. “The forests do not bring rain. Rain brings forests!” (Not an entirely false statement but very misinformed)

5. “All those claiming that rain comes from forests are thieves” (lol)

Now, it is clear that the honorable former MP did not go to school or if he did, he was the dumbest kid that ever lived. If anyone knows the gentleman personally, please refer him to this rain formation slides prepared by some middle school kids

This however is a much deeper problem than a simple matter of one man not knowing how rains are formed. For a start, he is a at a position of leadership where he influences the opinions of the public on a daily basis. He is/was also entrusted with responsibility of taking care and ensuring progress of thousands of Kenyans at some point in his life. I shudder to think of the policies, if any, that this man put in place when he was in charge of the Health Ministry. I also know that he is not alone in this mess. In fact this short speech can directly explain the quagmire that we found ourselves in back in 2007 after the general elections when politicians had a decisive role in helping Kenyans slaughter themselves. From watching the video, I get the impression that the listeners completely believe everything he said and of course it is not totally their fault (I mean, this was formerly a Minister in the Kenyan Cabinet ).

I think this is not only a reflection of the miles that we have to travel in order to have an informed public but also the work cut out for all of us to recognize the importance of political rhetoric in shaping the world around us and our future. The good news is, this gentleman belongs to a generation that will soon give the mantle of leadership to Kenyans who at least understand how Relief and Convectional rains are formed. Please leave your views on the comments section.

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