$50,000 for Water and Peace

Posted on January 1, 2010


Four Kenyan students currently studying in the United States recently entered the Dell Social Innovation Competition with an aim of winning the $50,000 on offer and using it to build boreholes for pastoralists in North Kenya. The students, Nelson Onyango (UT ’14), Felix Riaga (UBC ), Leon Ong’onge (Colgate ’13) and Jisas Lemasagarai (Stanford ’11),  formerly studied at Starehe Boys’ Centre in Kenya.

The short term idea, coined Water for Blood, is to construct water wells/boreholes in strategic towns/villages in Northern Kenya districts which is hoped will reduce the yearly tribal clashes over limited water supply in the area.

In the long run,  a viable solution would involve setting up an irrigation scheme for the locals to grow crops for sale. In addition, more farm land would mean that fodder would be available for the livestock, hence less movement for the pastoralists.

Similarly, the wells/boreholes will exist in memory of all those who died in water related clashes among the pastoralists of North Kenya.

To read more about the Dell Social Innovation Competition and vote for this timely idea, please visit here, Water 4 Blood.

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