An Ineffective "Dad" of a Million Kids

Posted on December 24, 2009


In an Interview with NTV Kenya, Prof. Karega Mutahi, the Kenyan Education Ministry Permanent Secretary, compares the suspected loss of Sh178 million of the free primary education money with the actions of a common thief present in every family. The good professor wants us to sit back and accept that this is a situation that could have occurred anywhere. He also wants us to judge him by what actions he has taken. What the good professor forgets is that there are over a million poor children in Kenya who depend on free education to achieve the promise of a future dream. A million Kenya children that might determine the direction of Kenya in a few years’ time. A million Kenya children whom some of them right now study under trees (like these ones) and dilapidated schools. No professor Mutahi. This is no simple matter, we cannot simply condone it because it will be like killing the dreams of these Kenyan Children.      

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