Misleading Journalism

Posted on December 22, 2009


This Article {click on the link to read} that appeared on the Daily Nation website is titled Cattle Raiders Turn to Boda Boda Trade. The article talks about Ms Celine Naitoti (whom I happen to know) and her Boda Boda business (Motorcycle Business). While I applaud the efforts of Ms Naitoti and the other youth of Maralal for the efforts they are making to become self employed, I simply cannot accept the message that is conveyed by the writer. First of all, Ms Naitoti is no Cattle Raider. Secondly, very few (if any at all) of those guys who are in the boda boda business in Maralal were ever cattle raiders at in points in their lives. I am sure Ms Naitoti shared her story with the journalist with the hope that he/she would convey the message about her entrepreneurial spirit and the efforts she has put in so as to earn a living. How would she feel when she discovered that she has been branded a once upon a time Cattle Raider? How would her family feel if they happened to read such a story?
For most part, I agree with the writer as far as the struggles that these traders go through in order to make their businesses work. However, I also think that their efforts should be portrayed in their best interests and not with an aim to sell newspapers as I perceive in this article. Common Daily Nation, wouldnt it have been more creative to title your article something like, Maralal Youth (who is a lady) defies the norm to earn a living, or Samburu Youth overcome adversity to make a living or Samburu lady enters the male dorminated boda boda business, or anything else that wouldn’t portray an innocent Samburu girl as a reformed bandit?

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